Unleashing Your Potential To Innovate

Bluesky Innovations Ltd. provides the tools, skills, and guidance to help individuals and organizations become leading innovators. We enhance your ability to deliver beautifully designed products and services, create delightful customer experiences, develop disruptive business models, stand out from the competition, and cultivate your creative talents.

How Innovative is Your Organization?

Who we are

Bluesky Innovations Ltd. is a business innovation consultancy that assists individuals and organizations in developing and strengthening their ability to innovate. The firm has been operating in the East Africa Region since 2014 providing training and consulting services in the area of innovation to corporate, academic, and social development organizations.

Our Ethos

We believe that the ability to innovate exists within us all. We believe that unlocking this innovative potential can transform the way in which individuals and organizations create value for themselves and for the world. We cultivate the skills, mindset, and processes that drive creativity and innovative activity at a personal and organizational level.

What we do

We enhance your ability to increase profits, reduce costs, create a competitive advantage, and increase market relevance through innovation. We help you define your innovation objectives and implement the culture and processes required to support innovative activity at all levels of your organization.


  • Market Research
  • Product/Service Development
  • Innovation Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Market Differentiation

Operational Efficiency

  • Assessments (Operations, Impact, Customer)
  • Process Optimization
  • Strategy Development (Cost Reduction, Value Creation, Competitive Advantage)

Capacity Building

  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Youth Innovation Programs

Founder profile

The founder and lead consultant, Nasreen Dhanji, is a specialist in innovative business processes and practices. Nasreen has Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Space Studies, and Business Administration. She has acquired diverse experience that spans multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Hydro Power, Automotive, and Technology.

Nasreen spent 12 years of her career in the technology sector working with the Canadian Space Agency where she supported robotics operations on the International Space Station, trained Astronauts, and managed technology development projects among SMEs and large corporations in Canada. She has worked closely with government, private sector, and academia on promoting work processes and practices that stimulate innovation and creativity.

Nasreen has performed extensive research in the area of innovative business processes and practices including: Creative Culture; Design Thinking; Lean Startup Methodology; Value Innovation; Disruptive Innovation; and Innovation-Based Business Strategy. She has designed and delivered workshops and technical training programs in the following areas: Innovation; Real-time Engineering Support Operations; and Space Robotics Operations. Nasreen’s core strengths include the ability to ask the right questions; think strategically; deliver complex information in simple terms; translate organizational goals into customer-oriented objectives; and provide coaching in the implementation of processes that drive innovation.

Our work

Here are a few of the organizations we help:

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