Giving You The Tools And Guidance To Innovate

We help our clients to increase revenue by developing and improving their products and services; create a competitive advantage by differentiating from competitors; explore market entry opportunities; reduce operating expenses by optimizing internal processes; and implement organizational processes and culture that promote creativity and innovative thinking at all levels of the organization.

Consulting Services


Innovation Assessment

Bluesky Innovations Ltd. has developed a specialized Innovation Assessment Tool to assist clients in evaluating their innovation capabilities from an organizational culture, business strategy, process, and impact perspective. The assessment enables clients to determine the strategic business areas that require innovation and the organizational culture and processes required to deliver innovative solutions in those areas.

Innovation Strategy Development

We assist our clients in developing innovation strategies that address the organizational challenges around which innovation is required; create an environment that fosters the generation of new ideas, experimentation, and the pushing of boundaries; institutionalize innovation through processes and work practices that drive innovative behavior; and establish performance measures that track the returns from innovation initiatives.

Analyzing business growth

Market Research

We assist our clients in obtaining market data that informs the development of the organization’s innovation strategy; product and service development and improvement efforts; market entry opportunities; and competitive environment.

Product Development

We apply Design Thinking and Lean Startup principles to assist clients in developing innovative new products and services that are truly responsive to market needs as well as continuously improving existing product and service offerings in an effort to create greater value for customers. We place a strong emphasis on market engagement, iterative product/service development, and continuous experimentation to ensure that our clients deliver innovative solutions in a cost effective manner.


Market Differentiation

We apply frameworks such as value innovation, disruptive innovation and product/market innovation strategies to assist our clients in differentiating themselves from their competitors. We endeavor to create differentiation strategies that cannot be easily replicated by competitors and that provide sustainable competitive advantage. We also assist clients in evaluating competing emerging products and services to determine the degree to which they represent a threat to our clients’ business.

Process Innovation

We enable our clients to reduce operating expenses by optimizing internal processes. We help clients to differentiate value-generating activities from non-value generating activities; identify constraints that limit revenue generation and that add to operating expenses; and re-engineer processes to deliver greater throughput while simultaneously reducing operating expenses.


Customer Experience

We assist our clients in improving their product/service delivery to customers. We apply a Human Centered Design approach to creating an exceptional customer experience that results in increased customer retention and referrals.

Innovation Coaching

We provide executive coaching aimed at developing personal and organizational innovative capacity. The coaching sessions enable executives to cultivate the discovery skills that drive personal innovative behavior and build a work culture that fosters creativity and innovation at all levels of the organization.


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